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The Vision Awards honor companies that have realized the advantages of applying modern technologies to their everyday businesses. In addition to honoring builders and contractors, Constructech magazine also recognizes the hardware and software suppliers that have enabled the construction company to achieve its goals.

Cannon Design
The ability to access a model remotely with no loss of productivity allowed it to take advantage of an extended-day work cycle between the East and West coasts without overtasking employees.

Technology Enablers: Autodesk, CDV Systems

Construction Coordinators
The inability to synchronize paper and online data between field and office was inhibiting its growth so the company decided to custom build a Web-based app to help alleviate this issue.

With use of an integrated business intelligence platform, this company has eliminated paper in day-to-day operations at a 95% clip and is taking advantage of automated electronic workflow.

Technology Enablers: Sage, Trimble Navigation

Vogel Bros. Building Co.
The company focused on improving efficiency during the bid process has allowed it to communicate not just one-on-one, but to the entire team working on a project with just a few clicks.

Technology Enablers: iSqFt, Textura Corp.

DEW Construction Corp.
Working with a new ERO system this company continues to find new and innovative ways to use the solution as a collaborative ERP system that would benefit their internal users just as much as their external partners.

Technology Enabler: Trimble Navigation

Knutson Construction Services
This company wanted to fully automate the subcontract pay application process and worked with its tech partners to create an integrated, automated pay application solution including subcontractor invoices, Lien Waiver collection, compliance, and electronic payment.

Technology Enablers: Computer Guidance Corp., Textura Corp.

Sordoni Construction Co.
The company had been using a remote server-based project management system, but wanted more control over its IT functions and turned to Web-based applications to store project documents and other critical information.

Technology Enabler: Trimble Navigation

Joeris General Contractors, Ltd.
This contractor developed a strategic action plan to fully implement BIM-related technology, to identify and bring on board the appropriate BIM professional staff, and to acquire the technology and tools that would allow them to provide a complete set of BIM services to its clients.

Technology Enablers: Autodesk, Innovaya

Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
The company sought an app that would function when access to wireless networks was diminished and worked to develop a custom-designed tool without having to create it from scratch by working closely with its technology partner.

Consortium Pomerleau-Verrault S.E.N.C.
A new online platform provides a comprehensive solution for document tracking, control, and transparency and to manage the workflow and deadlines across all of the various entities involved in the projects.

Technology Enabler: Aconex

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
This company created a "digital document dashboard" that connects all relevant project information from construction plans to requests for information to full 3D building models using a visual 2D interface.

Technology Enablers: Autodesk, Bluebeam Software, Zimfly

Messer Construction Co.
The challenge was to leverage BIM technologies to aid in streamlining the turnover process. Technology identifies system conflicts during the construction planning process, eliminating rework in the field, and ensuring the designed systems meet the maintenance strategy requirements of its customers.

Technology Enablers: Autodesk, FM Systems

The Weitz Company, LLC
This company needed to capture and document collision issues and model revision tasks, and minimize the time and connectivity required to transfer information between design parties and trade partners. Pairing unrelated technology tools, it created an environment for realtime updates of trade, designer, and coordination models to be self-managed by each responsible team member.

Technology Enabler: Tekla, a Trimble Company

Portrait Homes
Looking to enhance the customer-engagement process this builder has been hosting an iPad application in every sales center, encouraging customers to download their application via their site, and hosting the virtual tours in online listings for their homes.

Technology Enabler: Avid Ratings

Verity Homes
TThe builder linked CAD and BIM to its options selection system and accounting and workflow systems and can allow a buyer option out a home, while in realtime simultaneously obtain their cost for the home, along with the retail price to charge the customer.

Technology Enablers: BuilderMT, CG Visions, Sage, Sales Simplicity

New Line Structures Inc.
In keeping with the company vision to be innovative, this company developed company protocols and a single program enabling all team members to follow the same structure for managing a project.

Technology Enabler: IPM Global

Clark Builders Group
Addressing common communication challenges with email, Clark Builders Group decided to migrate all of its email data from an Exchange 2003 server to Google servers, meaning work is automatically saved in the cloud. With this, employees have access to email, calendar, documents, and sites from any device with an Internet connection.

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.
On construction of a 250-mile, high-voltage transmission line crossing 11 counties, Minnkota Power Cooperative used an online collaboration platform for document management and collaboration. Minnkota can also access the data for the life of the transmission line.

Technology Enabler: Aconex

Seattle Tunnel Partners, Joint Venture
On the $1.4 billion SR 99 tunnel project, Seattle Tunnel Partners used technology to manage documents, transmittals, and bids. The use of technology resulted in uploading documents up to 50% faster than previous processes, and creating transmittals 90% faster.

Technology Enabler: Aconex

Blois Construction, Inc.
Blois Construction wanted to find a way to improve the structure and accountability within its change-order tracking process and attain increased accuracy and flexibility in its job forecasting. Working with an existing software provider, Blois was able to improve upon existing policies and procedures.

Technology Enabler: Hard Dollar Corp.

Following a dramatic increase in project sales, Gray needed a new solution for communication, collaboration, management, and control between the office and project sites. The company worked with a compliance auditing software firm to customize an expanded quality-management system.

Technology Enabler: CMO Compliance

E.R. Lewis Construction Co., Inc.
E.R. Lewis Construction decided to change its technology approach from multiple disparate systems to a single end-to-end solution. The result was a savings in about $60,000 a year just on payroll. Even more, employees have a tool to generate field reports, keeping everyone up-to-date on a project's status.

Technology Enabler: Maxwell Systems

Klorman Construction
Klorman was among one of the early adopters of BIM. Now, the company is pushing the envelope, allowing field staff to access the data by using a robotic total station. This enables the operator to control the instrument from a distance via remote control, which has reduced rework by 80%.

Technology Enabler: Trimble Navigation

Cupertino Electric, Inc.
Cupertino Electric is using document management and workflow functionality to address process challenges, including invoice processing and lien release management. As each solution is implemented, the benefits compound.

Technology Enabler: Penta Technologies

Shapiro & Duncan
To address productivity Shapiro & Duncan implemented estimating software to provide a total bid management system as well as digital quantified takeoff of all materials and equipment. The company also uses a total station with GPS surveying tool, which works off the CAD program

Technology Enablers: Autodesk, D. Brown Management, Integrated Field Solutions, TSI

MJ Harris Construction Services LLC
Using BIM in the office and at the jobsite allowed M.J. Harris to complete the Popular Bluff Regional Medical Center in 18 months, which was 13 months sooner than a similar-sized facility. Being able to manage data within the company as well as with the various trades reduced rework. This system was also built on top of a notification system, which made it possible to keep workers updated.

Technology Enablers: Marrs Electric, Autodesk, Sage, Trimble Navigation