Better BIM for Builders

February 25, 2014

How can the residential construction industry continue to improve and implement BIM (building information modeling)? Technology providers are coming to market with new technology and partnerships aimed specifically at helping builders advance the BIM process.

It’s a meeting of the minds and a significant step in BIM: CG Visions,, Lafayette, Ind.; BuilderMT,, Lakewood, Colo.; and Sales Simplicity,, Chandler, Ariz.; recently announced the availability of CG Vision’s eHome, a module for CG Vision’s BIM Pipeline software. The companies also announced the integration of eHome to BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity.

For new homebuyers, eHome allows homebuilders to offer significant value. As a way to visualize design, customers can use eHome’s CAD (computer-aided design) or BIM-based visual options selection tool to select options for homes, based on rules and guidance preset by the homebuilder.

Customers can also use a visual toolkit to manipulate a flex floor plan configurator—and it all happens in realtime. As options are selected, eHome is communicating in realtime with product and structural object pricing within BIM Pipeline that is linked to Sales Simplicity and BuilderMT to determine the price of the custom home.

Simultaneously, the option-selection record configured in eHome is maintained in Sales Simplicity, which also auto-generates the purchase contract in a paperless process. The net effect? A quick and accurate generation of price for the customized home, based on the material prices the builder has locked in with its suppliers.

This advancement in the area of price will enable homebuilders to determine accurate home cost. With this new technology, that price can be arrived at as the home is optioned out in realtime.

“Predicting costs and protecting margins are what make a homebuilder profitable,” says CG Visions President Dave Bozell. “With eHome, we allow builders to do both, while enabling them to offer customer service and customizability that is second to none.”

This is just one example of how construction technology providers are coming together to give homebuilders new tools to better manage the BIM process. As the industry continues to move forward, builders will have more options for modeling homes.