Construction Technology Helps with Green Certification

Obtaining any type of green certification can be a challenging and tedious process. For AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) teams working on projects that are seeking green certification, documentation becomes central to the process.

The good news is many technology providers have come to market with solutions specifically geared toward making this process a little bit easier, and some are partnering with third-party companies that provide environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development.

Such is the case with the recent partnership between SCS Global Services,, Emeryville, Calif., and GreenWizard,, Charleston, S.C. The two companies are working together to offer the construction industry an easier way to locate and obtain certified products for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects.

GreenWizard provides technology that allows users to collect documentation associated with LEED requirements. SCS Global Services offers a range of environmental certifications for products and materials used in green building construction, satisfying requirements for LEED and other green standards, while also offering services to conduct full lifecycle assessment studies.

Through training and improved data transfers, the alliance will expand exposure of SCS-certified clients and products to the green design and green construction community, adding thousands of certified products to the GreenWizard database.

Partnerships such as this allow for more certified products to be added to the database, further enabling green building. From there, the technology allows the construction industry to minimize the amount of time it takes to apply for green certifications by automatically allocating products to relevant LEED credit categories, providing time savings for the industry.

Green building is becoming more common across the country. As construction teams search for new ways to efficiently submit for certification, technology can provide an easier way to round up documentation and apply online.