Builders Turn to Apps for Android

March 04, 2013

Apps continue to assist during multiple phases of the building process. As the number of app downloads continues an upward pace, across all platforms, including Apple, Android, and Windows, will the construction industry continue to adopt?

ABI Research,, Oyster Bay, N.Y., is projecting the annual volume of smartphone apps downloads will reach 56 billion this year. According to the research firm, this means of the various mobile OS platforms, Android will account for 58% of the market. By comparison, ABI’s numbers show Apple’s iOS annual share will be 33%, with Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry trailing with 4% and 3% of the market, respectively.

Tablets might be a different story, according to ABI Research. The firm says mobile users will download approximately 14 billion tablet apps during the year with Apple’s iPad remaining in the driver’s seat with around 75% of the apps running on iOS. A quick rundown of the rest of the market shows Android will represent an annual share of 17%, excluding Kindle Fire, Amazon’s tablets taking around 4%, with 2% for Windows tablets.

Apps aren’t all fun and games. In fact, business-related apps continue to play a pivotal role in enterprises across the board with construction being no exception. Construction technology providers continue to roll out apps, with the Android OS being a centerpiece more and more.

For example, last week UDA Technologies,, Auburn, Ala., announced the expansion of its OnSite Family of Mobile Apps to include OnSite Calendars. Now available on all Android devices, the app combines ConstructionOnline Calendars with mobile applications, allowing for an enhanced experience for managing calendars on the go.

The OnSite Family of Mobile Apps gives builders such functions as:
• Add new projects through a "quick add" function
• Create different customizable calendars for various projects
• Create events and assign them to different calendars
• View in month, week, or day view and easily filter by any or all calendars
• Edit or delete any event on the ConstructionOnline Calendar

UDA Technologies continues to build a strong core of mobile apps, with this enhancement being the latest example. A number of its apps are designed to integrate with the company’s ConstructionOnline suite of collaboration technology.
For instance, the company provides OnSite Dialog that gives users an immediate view of a live project thread. In this thread they are able to create a virtual dialogue, if you will, with partners by allowing them to post and respond to notes about the project and even access the latest information.

Beyond apps, UDA Technologies looks to have much in store for the coming few months around enhancements to its product lineup. Companies representatives have told Constructech they see ample opportunity to help builders and contractors fill a void in their IT (information technology) environment across multiple areas.

Be sure not to miss the May/June edition of Constructech, which will take a deep dive into the ways builders and contractors are using apps, even custom developing apps for various tasks. In addition to the editorial, the issue will feature a comprehensive app catalog that will act as a guide for builders and contractors in the evaluation process.

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