LEEDing the BIM Revolution

More construction companies realize green building is no longer just defined by the types of materials used in the construction of facilities. These days green building is becoming more of a process—all the way from selection of environmentally friendly products to submission for LEED certification.

While this process is still being defined in the construction industry today, contractors are beginning to discover how time consuming it can be to track all the green documentation throughout the entire project. Savvy contractors realize it is going to require some degree of technology to truly manage this process.

For construction companies it will be crucial to be able to access this environmental data at any point during construction. This is why some contractors are tying green building data into the BIM (building information modeling) process. This type of integration will allow the industry to move BIM even further in the years to come.

SMARTBIM, www.smartbim.com, Atlanta, Ga., and ecoScorecard, www.ecoscorecard.com, Atlanta, Ga., recently joined together to provide modeling services, analytics, information management, and environmental data for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

ecoScorecard is a provider of search and evaluation products based on environmental characteristics, while SMARTBIM is a provider of analytics for the BIM process. With ecoScorecard, the industry can do calculations for rating systems and produce the required documentation for the submission process.

Combing the two products will allow the industry to better align green-building information and models in the BIM process.

Paul Shahriari, president, ecoScorecard, says, “Our industry recognizes that BIM is the future. But a critical missing component has been performance and green data. With our combined offering, we can drive the adoption of sustainability principles by integrating green data and the ability to see the environmental impact and alignment with green building rating systems into the object model.”

Green building is not just a passing fad. More construction companies are working toward LEED certification in order to build the most energy-efficient structures. This merging of models and green data will give the industry the ability to manage the green requirements and submission materials throughout the BIM process.