Mobile Construction Management

June 09, 2010

When it comes to construction, most contractors tend to avoid carrying around all of the paperwork out in the field. Too much paperwork can lead to vital documents being misplaced or destroyed. There are a number of applications specifically designed to save contractors the trouble by giving them mobile access to essential paperwork.

One example is the new “Mobile PlanRoom” app from (BIL),, a division of Construction Connect Inc.,, Folsom, Calif., which is designed to be used on the iPad from Apple,, Cupertino, Calif. Using Mobile PlanRoom, construction professionals including engineers, contractors, and architects can access various construction documents including contracts, specifications, and drawings right on the iPad’s touchscreen.

“We know what it means to be shuttling back and forth between sites during a construction project and what a hassle it can be to access drawings, plans, and other information at the speed you really need to,” says Marcus Linden, president and chief operating officer, Construction Connect. “Apple’s iPad technology is an ideal workspace to view every document or image that relates to a project in a portable manner so that it is literally at your fingertips.”

Mobile PlanRoom allows users to upload construction documents to the Web via From there, other users can access the documents using an iPad or other various Internet-enabled devices.

Additionally, Mobile PlanRoom enables all project participants to share the data for a specific project without having to be at the same location. It also keeps contractors from having to send out large email files to various individuals involved in the same project.

According to Linden, when using and the Mobile PlanRoom app, contractors do not need to be concerned about outdated drawings for a specific project.

“With, the general contractor simply posts the most current drawings and invites all participants to the project, so everyone is literally on the same page,” says Linden.