Streamlining Submittals for Construction Projects

April 02, 2010

Technology makes processes easier and faster, which is why businesses in virtually every industry continue to move toward more paperless processes. Submitting data electronically can help construction companies get to work on a project faster by cutting down on the time that would typically be spent waiting for submittals to arrive at a jobsite or back at the office.

Recently Meridian Systems,, Folsom, Calif., and BuildSite,, Oakland, Calif., entered into a partnership, which will combine Meridian’s Prolog software for project management with BuildSite’s submittals software. One of main benefits to BuildSite’s software is that it enables companies to generate project submittals electronically in direct relation to certain construction specifications, as well as automate the submittal process overall.

With Prolog, construction companies have the ability to link product information from BuildSite’s database, which contains data from more than 350 product manufacturers and more than 20,000 specific products, directly into the submittal process. This functionality enables users to transmit submittals straight to the Prolog software.

With electronic submittals, users can reduce some of the time spent working with paper submittals such as creating the submittal, logging it, and then getting it approved. By using BuildSite’s software, users can access submittals online or via the Prolog Submittal Register, enabling architects to focus on exceptional instances instead of standard cases. Additionally, by having everything in electronic form, construction companies can access earlier reports much faster throughout the duration of a project instead of having to dig through paperwork to find it.

According to Bruno Berti, senior director of product management, Meridan Systems, the collaboration between Meridian and BuildSite will give companies the ability to access software for managing a project and specific product information all from one location.

“The submittals process is mired in paper and requires redundant data entry, ultimately wasting time, money, and paper,” says Berti.