VisionREZ Version 7

May 22, 2009

In the past few years, many new technology products have emerged to bridge the BIM (building information modeling) gaps that exist within the complex process. One company recently released the latest version of its product—technology that helps bring the capabilities of Autodesk’s,, San Rafael, Calif., AutoCAD technology to the residential realm.

Ameri-CAD,, Allen, Texas, an ITW company, announced the release of VisionREZ Version 7. The software—which is powered by Autodesk technology—creates 3D models, 2D construction documents, framing, graphic renderings, and bill of materials deliverables.

Some new features include compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2010/2009 and AutoCAD MEP 2010/2009, and a new Roof Subtractive Modifier, Roof Clip and Trim, and Roof Creation. It also has an architectural link to manufacturing solutions.

According to Jay Moore, business development manager, Ameri-CAD, “Increasing economic pressures place greater value on the benefits of manufactured solutions in the residential and light commercial construction industries.

“Users can now export a VisionREZ architectural model to ITW BCG manufacturing solutions for structural modeling of wall panels and trusses. The manufacturing-ready structural data can then be imported back into the original VisionREZ architectural DWG file. This is significant because it generates greater economies by eliminating the need for redraw by the manufacturing community and reduces errors by coordinating all build data into a master file.”

Ameri-CAD has additionally developed an Options Creation and Management system, which will allow builders to define option sets. Phase I has been released in VisionREZ Version 7, meaning after options have been defined and assigned objects, the user can place rule constraints on what the choices could be with another option. Phase II of this system is scheduled for release in late 2009.

The BIM process contains many components, but it is a process many residential firms are still embracing. While AutoCAD Architecture is widely used in the construction industry, VisionREZ optimizes that technology and makes it valuable for homebuilders.