Funding for Construction Technology

April 16, 2014

When a technology company receives an infusion of funds from an investor, the likely outcome is increased product development and enhanced functionality. As of late, more technology providers in the construction space have been receiving funding from investment firms.

Most recently, West Partners,, San Diego, Calif., announced the closing of an investment in NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif. The companies say the investment will fund NoteVault’s growth plan.

March/April 2014

Volume 17 Number 03

Constructech 2014 Commercial Top Products: The Evolution of the Enterprise

Move your business forward by using the right technology.

Many CIOs today are faced with the challenge of building techsavvy leadership, while also renovating the core IT infrastructure for the future. In 2014, construction IT leaders will need to balance efficiency, while also shifting to a fundamentally different technology paradigm.

February 2014

Volume 17 Number 02

2014 Technology Outlook: Residential

Four forecasts looking forward; time to four-cast ahead for tech.

Predictions are about as common as can be in the world of technology. These days everyone is trying their hand at forecasting the next big trend that will set the technology world in motion. In the homebuilding segment the pattern seems to constantly be about shedding that stigma around being "stagnant." For years this market has been plagued with the notion that it does not do enough to stay on the leading edge of technology adoption, and that the companies are collectively behind the curve even when compared to their counterparts in commercial construction.


One Tough Job

CIOs, IT managers, company owners, and managers heading up IT initiatives: You have one tough job. We applaud your hard work to deploy solutions to heighten efficiency, while bringing new solutions to the jobsite.

Green Technology

Green Building Gets an Upgrade

For the construction industry, green building is becoming more common on commercial and residential building projects. This is especially the case when owners consider how much a facility costs: Commercial buildings in the United States account for roughly 20% of the nation’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, which costs more than $100 billion annually.

Infrastructure Update

The Future of Oil and Gas Projects

For construction companies working on offshore oil and gas construction projects, keeping a close eye on costs and project documents is key. As such, many projects are implementing software, in order to effectively manage project information.